The Best Garden Hoses!

So Here we have our pick of the very best Garden Hoses available 10 2016 to help you get the best for your cash. These garden hose reviews are based on our unique research into the whole range of hoses currently available. Maybe you are still trying to decide which garden hose to buy. If this is you then it is important to read the reviews and get a good idea of what you need before you make your purchase.

Apex REM 15 Legacy HFZG550YW Flexzilla LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose VicTsing 50ft NeverKink 8844-75 Series 4000

Firstly a couple of points to help you buy a garden hose :

  1. Assess how long you need your hose.
  2. Do you want a traditional fixed garden hose or do you want a compact expandable one.
  3. What are you going to use your hose for? Are you going to need to add attachments for sprinklers, power washers etc.
  4. Search amazon for Garden hose reviews and read the reviews.....And not just the good reviews, check out the folks who have given 2 and 3 stars as these will tell you all the bad points as well.
  5. Buy a well known brand, this way you will always be able to get your hands on spares and accessories.

These are just the top five garden hoses, there are lots more to choose from. If you have been looking for a while then you are probably already pretty clued up on the world of garden hoses. We have reviewed lots of them for you to take the hassle out of your decision making.

Garden Hose Reviews - How To Choose The Best!

When you are choosing your next hose there are a few things you should certainly look at and some of them aren't immediately obvious.

Length of Hose

Your first thought might be that longer is always the best option. This isn't the case. If you only need a 20m hose then don't buy a 50m hose. There are a three good reasons for this.

  1. Cost - the longer the hose, the more material, the more expensive it will be.
  2. Storage - You need to store your garden hose, particularly in the winter months. A longer hose is going to take longer to drain and will take up more space when you store it.
  3. Lower water pressure - A longer hose may result in lower water pressure.

Type of Garden Hose

Generally there are two types of garden hose available. A fixed structure and a expandable hoses. Fixed structures are the traditional types with a tube of fixed length that most people roll onto a drum container. Expandable hoses are a relatively new development that start off reasonably small and then can be pulled out to their maximum length.

Fixed Structure Types

Fixed structure hoses are the types that have always been available. They are usually green and come in a number of different materials but the most common are rubber and vinyl. If you have the option you should try and get a rubber hose as these are more durable, especially in the winter months.

Fixed hoses are usually stored on a round drum and pulled in and out when required. They are bulky and can be difficult to handle and store and are prone to blockages due to bends in the hose.

Expandable Garden Hoses

Expandable hoses solve many of the problems that exist with the fixed structure types. They look a bit like hair scrunches and a 50m hose weighs virtually nothing. They are very light and easy to handle and expand to three times their size when they fill with water. Most have a water pressure similar to a standard garden hose but are much easier to store and handle.

Expandable garden hoses seem to be the ideal solution but they do have some drawbacks. The springyness does fail after a few years and they no longer collapse to there small size. Also you cannot buy re-enforced expanding garden hoses.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Garden Hose

There are a couple of common mistakes that people generally make when buying a garden hose.

  • The first mistake is thinking that cost doesn't matter, a hose is a hose. To a certain extent this is true, however the cheaper garden hoses usually come from less known manufacturers that don't offer the range of accessories and spare parts. This doesn't seem like a big deal but what these smaller manufacturers do is change their ranges often. This effectively means that eventually you can't get spare parts and accessories. The quality is often also questionable with leaks being a common problem.
  • Another common error is buying the wrong length of hose. As stated above, longer isn't always better. By having a longer hose you will be causing yourself a headache.
  • Be sure to get the correct material, check the pressure rating and temperature rating. If you live in Alaska then you dont want a material that is going to crack in extremely cold weather. On the other hand, if you live in california you don't need to splash out on a frost resistant garden hose.